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Stuart Gordon

Stuart is a New Jersey native and came to North Carolina State University over thirty years ago. He has lived in the area since. His musical style is influenced by folk and folk-rock from the 1960s and 1970s as well as bluegrass and early country. Stuart sings and plays guitar, mandolin and harmonica. He has performed with various string bands at festivals, concerts and coffee houses.

Bill Olding

Originally from Cheviot OH, Bill has been playing guitar since the mid-70's and bass since the early 90's. Current major influences are the bands Shonen Knife and Jaurim. Bill is always up for blues, rock, and folk jam sessions. A modified 4-string Peavey electric and a 5-string MK acoustic are his low frequency weapons of choice.

Bob Setzer

Bob grew up along the West Coast - From Bellingham to L.A.. He took up the guitar his junior year in High School and now plays a varity of instruments including: bass, harmonica, strumstick, mandolin and kalimba. He moved to Raleigh ten years ago from San Francico.

"I believe in the power of a well writen song to move people - and a good song is one that has stood the test of time. I enjoy a variety of styles because writers in different styles specialize in emotions specific to that style or culture - whether it's Blues, Folk, Reggie or Bluegrass. There is one constant, if you're not having fun, you are doing it wrong."

Frank DeFillippi - Electronic Percussion

Frank is a Brooklyn NY native who moved to North Carolina in 1984, and has lived in Raleigh since 2003. He grew up listening to Big Band, 60's-70's rock and classical. He appriciates various styles of music - Folk, Blues, Gospel, Classical, Rock and Jazz. He played alto sax in High School and keyboard in a local Brooklyn band. He currently provides percussion on a Yamaha drum kit. Some of his favorite artists are Jim Croce, Buddy Guy, Sandi Patti, Antonio Vivaldi, Eric Clapton and John Coltran.

 Guest Performers 

When you are in the music business you always meet friendly talented people. It is a pleasure when you can also get them to join you on stage.

Lisa Lofchie (on harmonica)

Lisa is originally from Boston, Massachusetts.  She got her start playing harp in Tucson, Arizona, played a little in South Florida, but became truly inspired here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  It was here in Raleigh after hearing her son Jack play music, and being exposed to blues ranging from Chicago to Piedmont styles, that she realized it was time to relearn what she started in Tucson, Arizona and continue to explore the full potential of this soulful instrument. In addion to playing in bands, she likes to give back by playing regularly at several senior care facilities in the area accompanying guitarist Tim Rafferty.  Her favorite music is the blues.

Lisa Lofchie